Wedding FAQ

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

We appreciate as much notice as possible in order to secure your order and design your cake. Cakes are booked on availability - we recommend not leaving it to the last minute!

For wedding orders, we recommend placing the order or booking the consultation once your venue is booked. Please book your cake 6-8 months in advance, especially if your wedding is during the summer season.

Is there a minimum for orders?

Our minimum requirement for wedding cakes is $600. 

Do you offer consultations?

Yes, a meeting is scheduled upon completion of our preliminary consultation form where we will discuss your design needs and you will be provided with one of our tasting kits for you to take home and enjoy at your leisure. There is a $25 non-refundable fee for the tasting kit which will be applied towards your final balance should you book with us. 

Tasting kits contain 3-4 samples of variety of what we are baking at the moment which will be provided for tasting allowing you to experience the quality of our cakes. Should you request specific flavours there will be a non-refundable $40 fee. If you decide to order with us, the $40 fee will be applied to your final order.

Please call us at 647.454.2253 or complete our contact form to book your consultation.

How much will my cake cost?

Our cakes vary in price depending on the complexity of the design. This is based upon time, design, details, serving size and how involved the design is. We do recommend that you provide us with your budget so that we can provide you with an estimate. Providing us with your budget gives us a starting point and is extremely helpful in enabling us to provide design options.

Wedding cakes start at $12 per serving and increase depending on the design's complexity. If there are other desserts being served we recommend ordering 60-70% of the total number of guests.

Is there a deposit required when placing an order?

We require a non-refundable 50% deposit to secure your date. The final balance is payable 2 weeks prior to the delivery date, if not we reserve the right to cancel the order. 

Can we send you a photo of a cake we like?

Absolutely! You can email it to us at -- we don't like to copy other Designer's work but we are happy to use it as inspiration to create your special and unique wedding cake.

What is a dummy cake?

A dummy cake is a styrofoam tier used when clients want the appearance of a bigger cake, where there is no need for all the servings. Dummy tiers are priced at $5 per serving (based on the number of servings the tier would have had).

How should my cake be stored?

We highly recommend that our fondant covered cakes be stored in a cool environment, much like an air conditioned room. Please do not place the cake in the fridge as this will cause the fondant to seat and compromise the design of your cake.

For more on our wedding terms and conditions and to further the consultation process please feel free to review our Pre-Consultation Package.