FRENCH Macarons


A traditional French almond, meringue cookie that is crisp and chewy. We offer ours with a variety of rich and delicious fillings. 

$2.50 each - minimum order 1 dozen | $30

Gift boxes are available in either a box of 10 or 2 boxes of 5 for $25. Minimum order of $25. 

Macaron Favours

See flavour offerings for specific Macaron colour. We can also customize colours to coordinate with your event as well as a number of packaging options (clear, Kraft or white boxes or clear bags with coordinating ribbon colours). 

A single Macaron favour $3.50-$4.00 each

Two piece Macaron favours $5.50-$6.50 each

Please contact us for pricing larger quantities.  



Flavour Offerings

Vanilla | white                                                                Pomegranate | light red

Chocolate Ganache | light brown                                Grapefruit | yellow

Cassis (Blackcurrant) | light violet                                Coconut | white

Strawberry | pink                                                           Pistachio | light green

Raspberry | blush pink                                                  Nutella | ivory

Mango Passion fruit | yellow                                        Creamsicle (Blood Orange) | white

Salted Caramel | light yellow                                        Blackberry | purple 

Dulce de Leche | ivory                                                  Blueberry | violet

Earl Grey | light grey

**Pricing may be subject to modifications and changes without notice.