Caron Rachael Philbert, Owner and creative force behind Cocoa Lane Sweeterie is an artist who transforms sugar, butter, eggs and flour into edible delights. As a former Event Planner and classically trained Pastry Chef and Cake Designer, Caron has refined her craft over many years. Born on the beautiful island of Grenada which is also known as the ‘Spice Isle’ she was, from a very young age, influenced by a profusion of spices and aromatics which she now incorporates in her cakes and confections.  “Some of my fondest memories of Grenada are of walking through the market where the most robust scents of cocoa beans and spices filled the air”.    

Having graduated from George Brown College Chef School, Caron also received an honours certification in cake design from the prestigious Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionery Arts. Caron had the opportunity to intern throughout her time at Pastry school at the esteemed Pâtisserie, Bobbette and Belle Artisanal Pastry Shop, where her love for beautiful cakes and confections blossomed. After working in a number of pastry kitchens in Toronto, Caron embarked on her dream of launching her own business where she creates edible works of art for her clientele. 

Caron finds inspiration in nature, illustrations in children’s books and by the admiration of individual life stories; all these influences find expression in her work.  Caron hand paints cakes and sugar cookies, and uses a variety of delicate and intricate techniques. She specializes in custom made cakes, sugar cookies, French Macarons and speciality confections. When not sketching, piping or baking, Caron can be found looking after the needs of her busy eight year old son Brandon, and basking in the love and support of her tight knit circle of family and friends.  

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson